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Hello! My Name is Carmon Taylor.

I wanted to introduce myself and to tell you how I happened to become involved with The DHS Club.

First let me tell you a little bit about myself. I live in Illinois with my wonderful wife, Laura. She is a stay at home wife and mother. We have three beautiful daughters, Veronica, Kristen and Kirsten And one New born boy Anakin; Like in STAR WARS. They are the joys of our life!

I work a full time day job and I also have my own 3D Solid Modeling business. So I work many, many hours a day. Which doesn't give me the time I want to spend with my family nor has it given me finanacial security and freedom. So I was searching for something better.

One day, I received an email about The DHS Club. I kept receiving e-mails from this lady telling me all about the DHS Club Business. She was so persistent I decided to join to see what this was all about. I kept watching as my membership grew with new members being added each day by my upline.

Near the end of the month my sponsor urged me to upgrade to VIP. She told me how I could earn money and how she would help me every step of the way. She also told me that the DHS wasn't just about making money, that one of the goals of the DHS Club is to help others become financially free and to succeed at whatever their goals may be. People helping people!

I was still skeptical, but I upgraded that month. And step by step I am succeeding with the DHS Club, with the help of my sponsor, my upline and even the CEO of the Company! We have Team meetings online each week and a training session once a week given by the CEO of DHS. We have many programs which gives us more than one avenue to earn an income.

This has become one of the best decisions I have made. I have begun a successful online business. We are not making millions, but we have just begun the journey up the road to success. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme. It takes time and work. Treat it like a business and it will take you where ever you want it to!

If you are skeptical, GOOD! Ask your sponsor anything! I did and I am glad!

I will give all the help that you request and need;
If I cannot give you the answer I will direct you to someone that can.

Meet some other real leaders of our team:

My sponsor Carolyn Little -

Harold Hill - http://athomeandhappy.com/hh/>

I wish YOU much success!

Best Wishes,

Carmon Taylor

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Here are just a few of our many ways to save with ClubBucks:

Members can shop online at hundreds of stores and automatically earn cash back rebates. Major brand names such as Old Navy, Dell, Staples, Best Buy, Office Max, Disney Store, Expedia, Gateway, Hallmark. Hickory Farms, Kohl's, KB Kids, Lane Bryant, PetSmart, Priceline,Sears Home Center, Tool King, Tower Records and literally hundreds of others. Click Here for a complete list of stores just in the USA.



Members can shop offline at participating ClubBucks merchants and automatically earn cash back rebates. There are many opportunities for sponsoring merchants locally for our members.


Members can shop online at participating ClubBucks merchants and automatically earn cash back rebates.


There are also additional savings opportunities for travel, health care, recreation, vacations, hearing and vision service, a prescription plan, a mortgage plan, a legal plan, safety products - even grocery coupons!

As you can see, we
have a lot to offer!

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