Quiz Questions


1. The Bible speaks of death as

_____   A sleep. Q9

_____   A change to a different form of life.

_____   An inexplicable mystery.



2. The "spirit" that returns to God at death is

_____   A person's real inner self.

_____   The soul.

_____   The breath of life. Q3



3. A person who dies goes to

_____   Heaven or hell.

_____   The grave. Q6

_____   Purgatory.



4. A soul is

_____   A person's spiritual nature.

_____   The undying part of a person.

_____   A living being. Q4




5. Do souls die?

_____   Yes. Q5

_____   No.



6. When are the righteous rewarded?

_____   In this life.

_____   At death.

_____   At the second coming of Christ. Q10



7. Why does Satan try to deceive people by telling them the dead are not dead?

_____   So they will believe his miracles and be deceived and lost. Q17

_____   Because he feels sorry for them.

_____   Because he is just mean and wicked.



8. Individuals who "communicate" with the dead are actually talking with

_____   Immortal souls.

_____   Holy angels.

_____   Evil spirits impersonating the deceased. Q12



9. In Moses' day God commanded that all who taught that the dead are alive be

_____   Made priests.

_____   Honored for their wisdom.

_____   Killed. Q15



10. How can a person be sure he is safe and right?

_____   Ask God for a special sign from heaven.

_____   Do what the preacher or minister says to do.

_____   Study the Bible prayerfully and carefully and follow it.



11. When a person dies

_____   His spirit, or soul, remains alive. Q5

_____   He is able to observe the living and contact them. Q8

_____   He is dead in every way--the body dies, the soul ceases to exist, and no contact with the living is possible. Q9



12. Are miracles proof that something is of God?

_____   Yes. Only God can work miracles.

_____   No. The devil also works great miracles. Q13